Used to emit an event to all currently connected players.

If you need to check if a player is logged in or something of the sort then you should do a simple for loop with alt.Player.all and check against other data.

This function simply does not care what data a player has it will emit it to them regardless.


alt.emitAllClients(eventName: string, ...args: any[]): void


alt.emitAllClients('someEventName', additional, args, can, go, here);

Real World Example

function someCallbackFunction(player) {
    const number = 56;
    alt.emitAllClients('customEventName', number);

alt.on('playerConnect', someCallbackFunction);

Raw Example

This example is the alternative implementation of the above. It will simply check if a player has a variable defined on them before emitting it to that player.

alt.Player.all.forEach(player => {
    // Just an example don't take this literally.
    if (!player.isLoggedIn) {

    alt.emitClient(player, 'customEventName', whatever, args);

These examples assume you have imported alt from alt-server.

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