What is Synchronized

alt:V has a lot of things that are automatically synchronized.

It takes a lot of the pain out of developing a server when things already work outright.

Here is an unofficial list of things that may be synchronized.

  • Player/Ped Clothing
  • Player/Ped Appearance
  • Player/Ped Animations
  • Player/Ped Tasks
  • Player/Ped Driving Tasks
  • Players on Ladders
  • Players Shooting
  • Players Fist Fighting
  • Players Rolling
  • Players Crouching (Have to change stance.)
  • Players Crawling (Have to change stance.)
  • Vehicle Damage
  • Vehicle Mods
  • Vehicle Colors
  • Vehicle Movement
  • Vehicle Crashing
  • Objects from Tasks
  • Swimming
  • Diving
  • Waves (Weather Dependent)
  • Wind Turbines
  • Street Lights
  • Moving Stunt Props
  • Anything that uses Network Time

This synchronization can be confirmed with upwards of 600+ players.

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