Used to set or get the current vehicle handling. Which allows the developer to change how a vehicle performs or handles.

See this page for information on how the different properties change the vehicle. Properties may not be an exact match but it's a good start.

Returns the interface below in Declaration.


vehicle.handling: {
    readonly handlingNameHash: number;
    acceleration: number;
    antiRollBarBiasFront: number;
    antiRollBarBiasRear: number;
    antiRollBarForce: number;
    brakeBiasFront: number;
    brakeBiasRear: number;
    brakeForce: number;
    camberStiffness: number;
    centreOfMassOffset: { x: number, y: number, z: number };
    clutchChangeRateScaleDownShift: number;
    clutchChangeRateScaleUpShift: number;
    collisionDamageMult: number;
    damageFlags: number;
    deformationDamageMult: number;
    downforceModifier: number;
    driveBiasFront: number;
    driveInertia: number;
    driveMaxFlatVel: number;
    engineDamageMult: number;
    handBrakeForce: number;
    handlingFlags: number;
    inertiaMultiplier: { x: number, y: number, z: number };
    initialDragCoeff: number;
    initialDriveForce: number;
    initialDriveGears: number;
    initialDriveMaxFlatVel: number;
    lowSpeedTractionLossMult: number;
    mass: number;
    modelFlags: number;
    monetaryValue: number;
    oilVolume: number;
    percentSubmerged: number;
    percentSubmergedRatio: number;
    petrolTankVolume: number;
    rollCentreHeightFront: number;
    rollCentreHeightRear: number;
    seatOffsetDistX: number;
    seatOffsetDistY: number;
    seatOffsetDistZ: number;
    steeringLock: number;
    steeringLockRatio: number;
    suspensionBiasFront: number;
    suspensionBiasRear: number;
    suspensionCompDamp: number;
    suspensionForce: number;
    suspensionLowerLimit: number;
    suspensionRaise: number;
    suspensionReboundDamp: number;
    suspensionUpperLimit: number;
    tractionBiasFront: number;
    tractionBiasRear: number;
    tractionCurveLateral: number;
    tractionCurveLateralRatio: number;
    tractionCurveMax: number;
    tractionCurveMaxRatio: number;
    tractionCurveMin: number;
    tractionCurveMinRatio: number;
    tractionLossMult: number;
    tractionSpringDeltaMax: number;
    tractionSpringDeltaMaxRatio: number;
    unkFloat1: number;
    unkFloat2: number;
    unkFloat4: number;
    unkFloat5: number;
    weaponDamageMult: number;


const handlingCopy = {...vehicle.handling };

// OR

vehicle.handling = handlingCopy;

Real World Example

This should work for modifying the entire handling data. However, if it does not work just modify each property individually.

const handlingCopy = {...vehicle.handling };

handlingCopy.acceleration = 99;

alt.Player.local.vehicle.handling = handlingCopy;

These examples assume you have a vehicle available on client-side.

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