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Understanding ScriptID

A General Overview

  • A scriptID is unique to only the client side
  • scriptID will provide us a way to modify the native behavior of a player
  • They are most often used in tandem with natives
  • They are unique per client per player
  • Do not try to share scriptID with another player, it will not work

How to obtain it

Your scriptID for your player can be retrieved in this way:

import * as alt from 'alt-client';
const local = alt.Player.local.scriptID;

This is the equivalent of local playerPed = PlayerPedId() from FiveM.

Real World Example


alt.on('playerConnect', (player) => {
    // This emits to all player
    alt.emitClient(null, 'joined', player);


alt.onServer('joined', (otherPlayer) => {
    // Check if self. Ignore self.
    if (otherPlayer === alt.Player.local) {
        // Let's freeze ourself.
        // Don't actually do this. This is just how most natives work with scriptID.
        alt.log(`You have frozen.`);
        native.freezeEntityPosition(alt.Player.local.scriptID, true);

        // We'll unfreeze ourself in 5 seconds.
        alt.setTimeout(() => {
            alt.log(`You are unfrozen.`);
            native.freezeEntityPosition(alt.Player.local.scriptID, false);
        }, 5000);

    // Log their scriptID to the 'F8' console.
    alt.log(`Their scriptID is: ${otherPlayer.scriptID}`);

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