Malcom reached out after asking the question and provided a bit of information regarding glass and such. When you're setting up your material in GIMS Evo here's what he recommends.

Vertex Color Recommendation: YELLOW

This is recommended because it looks good at all hours.

Shader: Glass

Parameter Set: glass_pv_env

Texture for Glass

If that link above somehow manages to expire. It's basically a gray .dds file with a 10% alpha channel.


In that same texture box you should set these parameters:

Type: Regular

Pixel Format: A8R8G8B8

Usage: Unknown

There are also a handful of boxes below this one that have sliders.

You won't have to change these too much.

Probably only change Specular Intensity to 0.8.

Mess with these for different effects.

Should look like this if you have lighting setup in your 3DS Max instance.


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