The Client

alt:V has its own custom GTA:V client that allows you to connect to custom servers. The client itself is fundamental to working with alt:V. You should grab a copy of the alt:V client from the official alt:V Website.

Ensure you install this client in its very own directory, which is not on the Desktop or inside your Grand Theft Auto V folder.

Then simply run the executable as Administrator by right-clicking it. This will eventually take you to the main screen for alt:V. If you run into any additional issues please refer to the Troubleshooting Guide on the Wiki.

If everything goes well you'll be brought to the main startup screen of alt:V.

From here you will be able to directly connect to any server, or browse servers in the master list. For now go ahead and Exit alt:V as we'll need to make configuration changes in the next step.

Written by Stuyk & Alexa

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