Vertex Colors for Lighting

You will need to tweak your vertex colors to find something that will work for you. There is a general recommendation at the bottom and some additional information about each color channel below.

Tint Palettes

If you see any textures which are using tint palettes and you are wondering how they can have a different color than the texture itself it is due to vertex colors. Just use the vertex color modifier and change it.


Will control ambient occlusion of the model during night, most (except for night lights) will have it topped to 255 so it gets very dark when night falls.


Artificial light, topping this to 255 will give a self emissive power to the object. Used for objects near to lamposts or light sources to simulate ambiental lightning


Moonlight illumination, how much the object reflects off the moonlight. Rockstar uses this at very frequent situations to avoid a fully dark atmosphere


For a medium lit interior you should use...

R: 0
G: 140
B: 0

Dark#8924 says this should be a good starting point for interiors.


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