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How to use alt:V Voice

alt:V has its own built-in voice server into the server itself. It has been tested up to 500~ players and has generally worked quite well. It is recommended to try out the voice option in alt:V before looking at third-party options as it already handles distance and panning.

Enabling Voice

Inside of your server.cfg introduce a section called voice with something along the lines of:

voice: {
    bitrate: 64000

Creating a Voice Channel

import * as alt from 'alt-server';

// The last parameter is the maximum distance of this channel.
let mainChannel = new alt.VoiceChannel(true, 25);

// Call this function to allow the player to speak and hear everyone
// else in the global channel.
export function addToGlobalVoice(player) {
    if (mainChannel.isPlayerInChannel(player)) {


// Call this function to remove the player and stop them from
// speaking or hearing anyone else.
export function removeFromGlobalVoice(player) {
    if (!mainChannel.isPlayerInChannel(player)) {


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