Connect 2 MLOs

MLO's are a wonderful, but complex method to create interiors. Unfortunately, there is a limit for portals for MLO's, so if you want to create a bigger interior, you have to separate these MLO's to connect them.

Requirements to understand this:

  1. Knowledge in how to create a MLO Ytyp itself

  2. Knowledge in how to create a YMAP for your MLO

So to create a big MLO and connect 2 together, you need the following:

  1. A Ytyp with 2 or more MLO archetype definitions

  2. Separated Ymaps

The clue about connecting 2 MLO's is to use the flag 8266 for your portals. You have to have the same position for you portals (like copy the portal) but those 2 need to be in an opposite direction. Let me give you an example.

Here you can see 2 rooms (which should define the 2 separated MLO's)

What you have to do is get the Portal in between

1 Portal for MLO 1

Room To = 0

Room From is your own room from MLO 1

Room Flag = 8266

1 Portal for MLO 2

Room To = 0

Room From is your own room from MLO 2

Room Flag = 8266

Thats all!

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