Client Configuration

When you download alt:V it installed a bunch of other files inside of your alt:V Client folder. The files installed should look similar to this.

│   altv-client.dll
│   altv.cache
│   altv.cfg # This is what we will be editing
│   altv.exe
│   └───locales/
│   │   alt-voice.dll
│   │   bgfx.dll
│   │   chrome_elf.dll
│   │   d3dcompiler_43.dll
│   │   d3dcompiler_47.dll
│   │   discord_game_sdk.dll
│   │   icudtl.dat
│   │   libcef.dll
│   │   libEGL.dll
│   │   libGLESv2.dll
│   │   natives_blob.bin
│   │   snapshot_blob.bin
│   │   v8_context_snapshot.bin
│   └───swiftshader
│           libEGL.dll
│           libGLESv2.dll
└───mods/ # This is where you can put some client mods.

Configuration File

The main file we will want to modify is called altv.cfg. There is no strict format to the file structure of altv.cfg but we are simply going to turn on debug mode.

Debug mode will allow us to reconnect to our own development server.

Open your .cfg file in VSCode.

Add the debug parameter to your configuration.

Great! Now you'll be able to press F8 in-game and type reconnect to reconnect to servers with debug mode enabled. Which is very much necessary for development.

branch: 'release'
debug: 'true'
gtapath: 'C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Steam\\steamapps\\common\\Grand Theft Auto V'
ignoreLowPriorityProps: 'false'
lang: 'en'
lastip: ''
name: 'Stuyk'

Written by Stuyk & Alexa

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